Smart money in your wallet

The modern financial system makes it difficult for regular people to access funding. Banks make profits on the strength of their customer deposits, but only a small percentage of people will ever qualify for a bank loan. Such loans usually impose high collateral and unfair interest rates

Our mission is to build a suite of tools that create equitable economic opportunities, because we care about the little things. Using blockchain technology, we have designed a lending pool that distributes wealth in two ways: by giving lenders high returns on their deposits and by giving borrowers the lowest interest rates to maximize their credit

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How it works

Crunch Network allows users to access loans quickly by interacting with our lending pool. There are no hidden fees on our platform. We only charge a fixed rate of xx% on each transaction

The lending pool runs on a smart contract. No central authority can tamper with any funds within the pool, unlike regular banks. The processes of lending, borrowing, determining yield payouts, and interest determination are all baked into the software

Crunch Network uses artificial intelligence to maintain the highest level of efficiency. Our dual safety module deploys two backup pools to ensure protocol solvency. All the software is built on Polygon(Link to polygon website), a decentralized internet stack that can process up to 65,000 transactions per second.

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Holding Crunch tokens

We wanted to make a system that brings value to users of our protocol as well as loyal supporters of Crunch Networking . So we designed a token that earns you passive income by simply holding it in your digital wallet.

Holders of our token will enjoy rewards of up to 15% of our platform fees, distributed evenly according to the number of tokens held. It’s a simple, fun system: the more we grow, the more you earn!

We sold out 30,000 tokens in a presale round last year. That small but significant milestone makes us feel really good about the product we are building. We are excitedly working towards an official launch in Q4 2023

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